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Negative Pregnancy Test

One of the most disheartening experiences a couple goes through is difficulty getting pregnant. If you think you or your partner could be infertile, schedule an appointment at OB/GYN Associates. After getting a full history, we will discuss options for testing and/or medications.  

STDs and STIs

Sexually transmitted diseases/infections (STDs/STIs) are on the rise in Iowa. More than half of Americans will contract an STD in their lifetime—most of them before the age of 25. There is no harm in coming in for a quick screening. In just a few days, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are either STD/STI-free or getting the best treatment as quickly as possible.

Uterine Ablations

A uterine or endometrial ablation is an alternative procedure to a hysterectomy for women seeking to reduce heavy uterine bleeding. A thin layer of the lining of the uterus is destroyed, reducing menstrual bleeding to lighter or normal levels.

Our Favorite Period Tracking Methods

Period Calendar and Tracking App

We know it can sometimes be difficult to track your menstrual cycle, and there are plenty of reasons women choose to do so. Whether you’re seeing your doctor, looking to better understand your flow, trying to conceive, or maybe just planning a family vacation; there are tools out there to help you get your period on track.

A Patient's Journey

My experience with the doctors, nurses and administration staff was great from the moment I walked in to OBGYN Associates.

The front desk staff and nurses were so helpful—checking me in and answering any of my questions. Dr. Shepard and her main nurse, Melissa, made me feel like more than just another patient.


women's public restroom entrance

Urinary incontinence simply means leaking urine. Incontinence can range from small leaks of just a few drops to emptying the bladder.

Symptoms that may occur along with urinary incontinence include a strong urge to urinate, frequent urination (more often than usual), Nocturia (waking from sleep to urinate), Nocturnal enuresis (leaking urine while sleeping), and Dysuria (painful urination).


woman sitting hunched over, holding her abdomen

Endometriosis is a condition in which the tissue that forms the uterine lining, or endometrium, is found elsewhere in a woman’s body. The condition is discovered most commonly in women age 30-40, but due to its relationship with the menstrual cycle, symptoms are often confused for cramps and, in many cases, go undiagnosed.


middle-aged woman

Menopause marks the end of the reproductive years, when a woman’s menstrual periods cease. Menopause happens when the ovaries stop producing estrogen, which is a hormone that helps control the menstrual cycle. The average age that women experience menopause is 51 years.

Cervical Cancer and HPV

Cervical Health Awareness Month

Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in the cells of the cervix, the part of the uterus that connects to the vagina. Different strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted infection, cause most cases of cervical cancer.

Zika: What you need to know

Zika What you need to know

Zika infection during pregnancy has been linked to a serious birth defect called microcephaly, which is a sign of incomplete brain development. It has also been linked to miscarriage, stillbirth, and other birth defects. Many people infected with Zika won’t show symptoms or show only mild symptoms, including but not limited to; muscle and joint pain, red eyes, fever, rash and headache.